The Red Book 2016

The Red Book 2016

We have revamped the internal layout focusing on market segments and providing insights into some select areas within each market segment on the lead page. While in the past we have provided market wide macro data, this new feature starts to show you the detailed data that we track on a segment-by-segment basis. The devil is definitely in the detail!

Our Knowledge Team has again provided significant input to the team leaders writing in the various service line areas. You will see their fingerprints throughout the articles, adding credibility to the conclusions reached. No article more so than Hayden’s dive into the analysis of beachfront supply and demand. This article is full of nuggets of information on our ever-changing market.

We have also used this year’s edition to launch our dedicated luxury real estate brand Terra Luxury. It will come as no surprise to the market that we are constantly innovating our business in terms of processes and technology. Having the right brand to face the market is also a significant element in that strategy of innovation. We believe that the introduction of a dedicated luxury brand is now timely and will again set us apart from the other agencies in the market.

Ultimately this strategy of focusing our business and brands into very clearly defined market segments is with one clear objective in mind – serving you, our valued clients, better.

With the launch of the Blue Sky Luxury as our dedicated holiday rentals brand more than three years ago, we have outpaced the market growth by a significant margin. In fact we are very pleased to say that we have been growing that business at a rate of over 20% per annum much to the pleasure of our owners, partners and staff.

This year our internal resources produced the entire Red Book. While we have appreciated the significant contributions of our external writers in previous editions, this year we have focused only on our direct service lines and our internal centres of knowledge. I would like to congratulate all the team members for this effort and I hope that you the readers will appreciate the significant body of knowledge that we have built.

As I demonstrated in a previous edition, this knowledge culture started more than 60 years ago when my father joined John M Bladon & Co. We are so proud that we have been able to build on that passion for knowledge and to be able to say with confidence that We Know Barbados.


Andrew W Mallalieu, CPA MRICS Chief Executive

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