The Red Book 2015

The Red Book 2015

Why do we publish The Red Book? The truth is that we think it is a showcase for our culture. Specifically our culture of knowledge. All firms have a DNA and ours certainly is a strong mix of knowledge, innovation, integrity, excellence, caring and fun. Let’s not forget fun. We like our clients, we like what we do, and we have a great deal of fun doing it – sometimes too much!

Our feature article this year is a great example of how fun can be a part of what we do. We interviewed Mark Maloney of Bushy Park Circuit Inc. and got the history on the new race track development, the vision for the future, and how real estate is a major component of the sports tourism development. I do hope you will find that article informative and you will visit Bushy Park some time soon. You might even see me doing a few laps – so give me room!

Our Knowledge Team has again developed some amazing, insightful reports that have helped us to understand trends in the market. I think you will see their work flowing through many of the articles by our team this year. We are now trying to reach beyond Barbados’ shores and tie some world economic indicators into the data in Barbados. We have found strong correlations between property values in Barbados and world currency and economic figures.

As usual, we wanted to share keen observations from respected guest contributors. Town Planning Consultant, Richard Gill, “covers some aspects of Town Planning practice relating to policy and the control of development in Barbados,” while renewable energy expert and entrepreneur, David Staples, asserts that “the time has returned for renewable energy to begin to reclaim some of its former dominance.” Very timely.

In writing this year’s introduction I had a look back at our first issue in 2008 and I quote from our then Chairman Peter Boos: “…The Red Book, a publication that contains a comprehensive collaboration of information on Barbados property, covering all aspects of the market from luxury beachfront developments to individual Barbadian homes, including master-planned communities and pre-construction projects. Also included is a section of Pink Pages that will be particularly helpful to real estate stakeholders in Barbados.”

Earlier this year, the International Monetary Fund in its August report relating to tax reform in Barbados, referred to The Red Book as an “important publication” and quoted from some of the data in the 2014 edition. Certainly, this must be some acknowledgement that our goal to be a source of information on real estate matters, has significant credibility.

I hope you will find that this year’s edition is again true to this mission and that it will help you to make an informed decision.


Andrew W Mallalieu, CPA MRICS Chief Executive

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