Barbados Beachfront Condo Price Index South Coast

We cannot look at the market in the last two years without noting the special conditions that have existed and indeed while the real estate market on a whole has seen some effects, by and large, it has weathered the storm well. The South Coast has seen a reduction in volume particularly in 2020 which correlates to a large drop in overall transactions as measured by the Change of Ownership forms processed for the period.

So far 2021 has seen a nice bump in the volume of activity with resales in established developments the major contributor. This is to be expected with the pause on some planned south coast developments, notably in Hasting for example has meant little to no stock enter the market.

This all adds up to the index trending positively over the period with the partial 2021 index 11 points above 2020 which is 15 points above 2019. Looking forward into 2022 it will be interesting to see if we can get an injection of new availability on south.


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